To me that seem's unbelievable. It means I have been with the wonderful family that STGG is for over 5 years. My first big challenge as group organiser was our 25th anniversary and that seem's like yesterday.

So the next challenge is how to mark 30 years. To me it is a wonderful achievement for one of founders Sam who is an amazing lady. It is also a wonderful achievement for community. How amazing are we that we have stood strong as a group for 30 years.

A lot has changed in 30 years for the Trans and LGBT communities and I would like to feature some of those changes maybe. Are we willing to talk about the times when being what we are was not such a wonderful thing and we had to hide it, or the protests and activism we had to be part of to change that.?

I will pulling on you, the group members for ideas on what we do but for now I want to say a massively huge thank you to you all for supporting each other and me.