As a writer and poet I often write pathos but very rarely do I truly feel it as I am writing. Today is different. Today I feel it, and because I feel it I want to write it. In my first year as the group organizer for STG I had the pleasure, and the stress, of organizing an event to celebrate the Silver Anniversary of our group. We had our first prom night. Like all prom nights we had our glamourous Prom Queen – Carol Anne.

The look of sheer joy when I told Carol Ann she had been chosen was amazing and left me staggered. Carol Anne touched my heart in so many ways but that night topped them all. As human beings we shouldn’t have to worry how others perceive us but we, more than most, obviously do. 

Carol Anne was and is a beautiful woman. Every time I told her that she would tell me how crazy I was – undoubtedly that is true. However, I still say she is beautiful of body, heart and soul. Seeing her smile on prom night left me with tears in my eyes.

She came to this group for support in her own journey and always returned that by supporting others with a kind word or a warm hug. Tonight we mourn the loss of a sister and friend. Carol Anne will be sadly missed by those of us who knew her. To me she will always be my glamourous Prom Queen who took my arm and made me feel a gentleman.