I was honoured to be invited by Eleanor Roberts to attend a flag raising at Reading University to mark the Transgender Day of Remembrance (20 November 2014). This was always going to be something special for me.

After 20+ years I was going back to my university. In those days there was no real support for LGBT and certainly not to the extent there is now. Not only had the campus changed beyond my recognition so had the attitudes. The LGBT team of the RUSU are wonderful proactive people. To be able to see that change is a privilege I will never forget. To be able to stand in the hallowed grounds of my old university as the man I am now - I cannot put that feeling into words.

Eleanor's speech on the history of the Beaumont Society was informative and truly inspiring. The flag raising was a wonderful event and one I hope will be repeated in future years.

A video of the day can be seen here - http://youtu.be/naueUTYIsJU